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Nick Jonas slams fitness company bosses over diabetes tweet

Actor/singer Nick Jonas has slammed bosses at fitness company CrossFit after they posted an "ignorant" joke about diabetes on their Twitter.com page.

The Jealous hitmaker was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age of 13, and has been an outspoken advocate for awareness and prevention of the disease.

On Tuesday (30Jun15), Jonas took note of a post on the popular company's Twitter page, which featured a fake ad for Coca-Cola with the made-up slogan 'Open diabetes'.

An accompanying caption attributed to CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman read: "Make sure you pour some out for your dead (friends) homies'."

Jonas took aim at the post and tweeted, "This is not cool. Please know and understand the difference between type one and type two diabetes before making ignorant comments. Sensitivity to all diseases, and proper education on the cause and day to day battle is important."

Jonas also responded to a follower who thanked him for calling out the company, writing, "my son didn't drink coke @ 3 (years old) y/o when diagnosed w/ (with) type 1. Wasn't his choice."

CrossFit officials responded to Jonas' tweet by defending their stance, stating, "Anyone can get (Type 2) T2 diabetes, even those with T1. Stop assuming we don’t grasp the difference and help us raise awareness @nickjonas."

They continued to fend off a string of tweets from critics, making it clear they were referencing Type 2 diabetes, which "can be caused by sugar consumption".

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