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Niall Horan has parked car towed

One Direction star Niall Horan had his car towed away on Monday (25Feb13) after parking in a restricted area of London.

The Irish singer, who only obtained his driving license in January (13), had left his Range Rover curbside to run an errand, but when he returned to the spot, his vehicle had disappeared.

He posted a photo of the vacant parking space on his Twitter.com blog alongside the caption, "Got back to the car and it wasnt there! towed".

However, lucky Horan managed to recover the vehicle hours later after tracking it down to a local car pound.

Updating fans about the car drama, he tweets, "Got it back hahaha! Sorted! Didnt (sic) see the sign that said 'no parkin (sic) between 4 and 6'".

Horan treated himself to the $112,000 Range Rover just three days after passing his driving test.

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