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Miley Cyrus blames web trolls for VMA controversy

Miley Cyrus has blamed Internet trolls for creating unnecessary controversy over her raunchy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last month (Aug13).

The former child star became headline news after she took to the stage with Robin Thicke to perform his hit track Blurred Lines at the ceremony in New York, sparking debate with her provocative dance moves and nude-colored latex costume.

Cyrus now insists she felt frustrated with the Internet chatter in the days after the incident, insisting too many critics hide behind the anonymity of social media to lambast her online.

In an appearance on U.K. talk show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man, she says, "It really is nothing to do with me or what I did, people just like to rile each other up, it's just crazy... I think it takes a lot of courage to go out and do what I did and all the people that like to talk about it, they're sitting behind their computers, anonymously, and saying what they want to say.

"And I obviously say and do what I feel in front of everybody so I kind of expect the same respect back. If you're going to say something, say it to my face or say it with your name on it, don't say it behind my back and sit behind your computer."

The 20 year old goes on to insist the pair did not deliberately set out to grab headlines at the VMAs, adding, "That was the one night you could really go for it, it is really about celebrating your video and even Robin's video, I mean what did you expect, if you look at our videos together you know we are not going to come out and do the hokey pokey (hokey cokey)... I didn't really think anything about it until the next morning when the world was going crazy about it."

Cyrus also shrugged off criticisms made by fellow pop stars, saying, "It wasn't really about the competition or what other people think, it was really more about expressing yourself as much as you can, and really celebrating your video."

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