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Mark Wahlberg hits low notes with Transformers theme

Mark Wahlberg showed off his awful singing skills on U.S. TV on Thursday night (17Jan13) as he attempted to croon Stan Bush's 1986 The Transformers theme, The Touch.

The star of Michael Bay's fourth Transformers movie recognized the tune as he stepped out for an interview with late-night chat show host Jimmy Kimmel and insisted on joining the house band for a quick verse.

But Wahlberg, whose Ted character belted out a bad rendition of Rita Coolidge's All Time High, failed to hit the high notes and then forgot the words, explaining, "It was 16 years ago."

It wasn't the first time he has performed the tune onscreen - his character in Boogie Nights also crooned The Touch.

Wahlberg recalled the first time he was asked to sing the track by Boogie Nights director Paul Thomas Anderson: "They were like, 'We know you can't sing, so try to sing it as good as you possibly can'. We were in the studio for hours. I'm like, 'Dude, it's supposed to be bad!' They were like, 'No, but it has to be your good version of bad'."

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