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Mario Winans arrested over child support debt

R&B star Mario Winans has been arrested for failing to honor child support payments.

The I Don't Wanna Know singer has been taken into custody by New Jersey police officers over $178,000 in unpaid support payments to the mother of his 12-year-old son, according to TMZ.com.

Mario is supposed to be paying $3,500 per month to fund the upkeep of his kid.

In court documents obtained by the gossip website Mario states that he makes about $3,000 per month from songwriting and said he could secure a loan to pay off $10,000 of the debt immediately..

Winans has reportedly been released, but law enforcement officials insisted he be electronically tagged.

Last year (16) the 43-year-old admitted failing to file two tax return forms. He reportedly owed $435,000 in back taxes and could face five years in prison if convicted.

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