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Luke Bracey: 'Rugby career prepared me for stunts'

Actor Luke Bracey relished getting into fist fights for romantic drama The Best Of Me because he was used to receiving knocks as a rugby player before he embarked on an acting career.

The Australian star, who plays Johnny Utah in the upcoming Point Break remake, was due to embark on a professional rugby career before he was discovered by an agent and cast in Aussie soap opera Home and Away.

Now that Bracey has found film roles Stateside, he hopes to incorporate both disciplines into his work by taking on as many stunts as production bosses will allow.

He tells WENN, "The stunts I really enjoy in movies. I play rugby. Until I was an actor, I was a rugby player, so the physical bit is pretty fun for me. You get a bit dirty, you get a couple of bumps here and twelve hours of whipping back like you've been punched, a bit of a headache and backache. Sometimes I like that type of work because... you get to the end of the fight scene and you feel like you've gone out and earned your money a little. You're tender and tired.

"I want to do everything in all my movies... I'm not able to do everything but if I can get in there, I want to get in there and do it because that's the real fun stuff. You get into these huge fights and throw punches. It's fantastic."

The Best of Me is released on Blu-ray and DVD in the U.K. on 9 February (15).

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