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Liam Payne debuts buzzcut

One Direction singer Liam Payne is sporting a buzzcut after donning a longer hairstyle for a lengthy amount of time.

The 22-year-old pop star shared his new look with the public on Thursday (14Jan16) via his Instagram account and although he appeared happy with buzz cut, many of his fans were dismayed by it.

"YOY (sic) MAKE ME CRY YOUR HAIR ZAYNED (sic) WTF Liam grow the long hair back," one Instagrammer wrote, with another admitting his new haircut is completely shocking: "Ok wasnt (sic) ready for this but OMGGGG".

Julie Feingold has been working with One Direction bandmembers as their stylist since 2011.

Commenting on how the singers' fashion has transformed over the years, Julie noted the boys have simply become more edgy as they grow older.

"I think watching them transform into men, you can see how much their style has matured along with them," she explained to E! Online. "They can pull off so many different looks on any given day but to sum up their style I'd say: Tailored and modern. A bit rock 'n' roll, a bit retro. Effortlessly cool with a bit of edge, and as the Brits would say, 'smart.'"

Julie noted Liam is starting to adopt a more masculine look and she thinks this type of style suits him well.

"(In the past) Liam wore a lot of vests, or as the Brits call them, 'waist coats'," she said. "(But now) Liam's got that sexy, menswear, model-like thing going on. He can go rock'n'roll or runway."

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