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Lena Dunham ends up in hospital after flip flop accident

Lena Dunham ended up in hospital after tripping over a flip flop and spraining her arm.

The Girls star concerned fans when she posted an image on her Instagram page on Thursday (14Jul16), showing her sitting on a hospital bed with her arm in a mesh sling.

She captioned the shot: "I do my own stunts". However, after her followers were quick to offer their get well wishes, Lena came clean about what had caused her dash to the emergency room.

Alongside another snap of her lying on a hospital bed, Lena wrote: "Seriously I tripped over my flip-flop and thank you to the amazing team at Lenox Hill who x-rayed me, determined it was a stupid sprain and sent me back to work, intact but for my pride."

Lena is no stranger to hitting headlines, and made the news earlier this week when she shared an Instagram post from Girls producer Tami Sagher, showing a movie poster for Jason Bourne in a New York subway which features Matt Damon holding a firearm.

The image of the gun has been peeled away, and Tami called for all billboards to receive the same treatment.

"Hey New Yorkers, what if we do some peeling and get rid of the guns in the Jason Bourne subway ads. So tired of guns," Tami wrote. When Lena shared the post, she added, "Good idea…Let’s go!"

Their call comes not long after the deaths of African Americans Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, who were shot by police officers, and the subsequent deaths of five officers in a shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas.

Lena urged her fans to call for an end to racial inequality in America on Instagram after the death of Sterling in Louisiana on 5 July (16). She wrote, "Alton Sterling's beautiful family. American children of color do not have the luxury of knowing their parents will come home safe, or relying on law enforcement to protect their families.

"Meanwhile rich white college boys run roughshod across the law every day and then get jobs in banking. We have to say no more. We have to SCREAM it."

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