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Leann Rimes/Brandi Glanville feud hits a new low

Country singer Leann Rimes' feud with her husband's ex-wife has hit a new low - Brandi Glanville has urged the star to "get help" for her alleged mental health issues.

The two women have traded angry words online and in the media ever since actor Eddie Cibrian left Glanville for Rimes in 2009.

The reality TV star recently insisted she would take the high road in the feud after releasing her memoirs, Drinking and Tweeting, but it is clear she still has some choice words for Rimes.

In a new interview with Life & Style magazine, Glanville admits she is concerned about the welfare of her children when they are with their stepmother.

She says, "LeAnn needs to get help. She may be unstable and I am concerned; I want to protect (my children). I want to make sure she’s as healthy as she can be!"

Rimes entered a 30-day program to deal with exhaustion and stress last summer (Aug12), but Glanville isn't convinced her former love rival is in a good place.

She adds, "There are clearly some issues going on, and I need to know my kids are OK when they’re with her."

The singer's representative Marcel Pariseau has dismissed Glanville's suggestions that Rimes needs help, stating, "This is a ploy to sell more books. If anyone needs help, it's Brandi. That should be obvious to anyone who reads just a few of her tweets."

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