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Lawson star Andy Brown recovering from liver failure

Lawson singer Andy Brown suffered liver failure last year (14) despite drinking only average amounts of alcohol.

The British boyband star was admitted to hospital at the beginning of 2014 after a hangover from a night out in Liverpool, England had still not receded two weeks later and he was losing weight and was unable to get out of bed, and his skin had begun to turn yellow.

Brown, 28, tells Britain's The Independent newspaper, "The head of my record label then called me up, all concerned, like... That's when I knew things were serious."

He was diagnosed with liver failure and registered for a transplant, and the band's recording sessions for their second album were shelved.

Brown managed to maintain several work commitments while on steroids and he responded so well to treatment he was later taken off the transplant waiting list.

Doctors have found no reason for the failure but Brown, who had already fought a brain tumour in his teens, speculates it could have been an allergic reaction or somebody spiking his drink.

Asked if he would be mad if that was the case, he replies, "Not really. I'm not a spiteful person, I don't have anger, I don't have depression. If anything, I just feel extremely lucky... I mean, it could have been much worse, couldn't it?"

At the end of last year (14), Brown flew to the U.S. with Lawson to record their second album while he was recovering. He is still trying to put weight back on and has sworn off alcohol just in case.

During his nightmare year, Brown and his bandmate Joel Pleat also had a brush with death when the door of their tour bus opened while they were speeding down a highway.

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