In the suit, Kirsten accuses mother-of-two Kim of a "knowing, willing and deliberate" infringement by using the initials in the logo, intending to dupe her customers.

She has asked the court to block Kim from using "KKW" immediately, as well as awarding her Kim's profits and making the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star pay damages.

However, when TMZ contacted sources close to Kim's make-up line, they were informed that she had consulted several trademark attorneys before launching the KKW line to ensure there were no violations. And despite the suit, Kim's team are apparently confident that "KKW Beauty in no way infringes on Weis' KW brand ... nor do they feel the lines are similar".

Upon launching KKW Beauty, Kim told PopSugar in an interview that she had sought advice from friends and family, as well as her make-up artist pal Mario Dedivanovic, on what to include in the line and how to launch it.

"I think as far as feedback, my make-up artist, Mario, and I really love to bounce ideas (off each other) and we really try it out together," Kim explained. "And I’ll ask a ton of make-up artists. I love that professional opinion, getting their ideas and feedback. I’ll even FaceTime Mario like literally at 2 in the morning and show him tonnes of shades on my face. (I'll ask him) exactly which shade he likes better, just wanting to perfect the color. If I’m on a deadline, he (can) be so helpful."