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Kesha in 'pain' over Dr. Luke lawsuit

Kesha is "hurt" by her ongoing legal woes and the increasing incidents of gun violence across the nation.

The Timber hitmaker has been locked in a bitter lawsuit with her label boss and former mentor, Dr. Luke, since 2014, when she accused him of emotional and physical abuse, and she had her legal matters on her mind as she performed at a political event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Tuesday (26Jul16).

The Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC show was held as part of the Democratic National Convention by politician Gabby Giffords, a shooting survivor who is fighting for tighter gun control measures, and Kesha drew on her own personal struggles as she addressed the spate of recent firearms-related tragedies.

"I know we came here to boogie, but I have a few things to say," she began, during a break in her set. "I'd like to thank Gabby Giffords for having me. I've been thinking about it because I feel like if you're a human being, you go through things, and you go through hurt. And every single one of us knows that emotion. I don't know if you guys know what I'm going through, I'm going through a lawsuit."

"We as a nation, we can't control who feels hurt," she continued. "We can't control who feels pain and we can't control what you do with the hurt, and the pain and the anger. You can't control every single person and know how they're going to deal with things or if they're going to pick up a weapon - you don't know that."

Focusing her attention on the need for gun reform legislation, she added, "What we can control is who we give the... weapons to. I think the universe is screaming at us that there needs to be a change and we have to... listen."

Kesha then ended her speech on a more positive note, adding, "I do think love is something as humans we all have and I hope heals us. I really believe that love and empathy, it can heal us."

The pop star has repeatedly used her voice to call for an end to gun violence, and after singer Christina Grimmie was shot dead during a fan meet-and-greet after a gig in Florida last month (Jun16), Kesha took to Instagram to pay an emotional tribute.

"I'm shocked and horrified. And angry," she wrote. "How many times are we as a nation going to read a horrific story like this, where someone uses a gun to kill an innocent person, and DO NOTHING. I demand gun control.

"This is sickening. I am so so so sorry for Christina's fans and family. My heart is with you. She was a beautiful spirit and will not be forgotten."

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