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Kerr launches anti-suicide campaign

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has launched a TV campaign in a bid to prevent youngsters committing suicide, after her family was rocked by tragedy.

Orlando Bloom's wife was left devastated when her cousin took his life in 2009 and she has been vocal in her bid to raise suicide prevention awareness.

Kerr, along with her mother, father and brother, launched an Australian TV campaign for the Too Many, Too Soon Kids Helpline over the weekend (27-28Aug11), and the star has urged troubled youngsters to use the phone network to seek help and advice.

She says, "The sadness of losing someone, especially in these circumstances, is something we live with and we continually question how it could be prevented.

"There's not really a great awareness about the services available to kids and that's why I'm behind this great cause. If we can reach just one child and let them know there is someone out there who wants to listen, that could help to save their life. I believe if my cousin had known of Kids Helpline it may well have saved his life."

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