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Ke$ha cried when she met Iggy Pop

Ke$Ha felt like a fool the first time she met punk idol Iggy Pop because she broke down in tears.

The TiK ToK hitmaker invited the legendary rocker to join her in the recording studio, and they eventually collaborated on track Dirty Love, which appears on her new album.

The singer admits she was so overcome with emotion before meeting her hero, she started to weep moments before they were introduced.

She tells Britain's The Sun, "I'm a huge Iggy fan. I grew up on The Stooges. Iggy is the epitome of punk rock - he's a god... After I reached out to him, I made it my mission to get him on a song with me before I die, and in my relentless stalking, I have succeeded...

"I've never been starstruck in my whole life, but the second I was about to meet him I realized how monumental it was for me and my career, and I broke down like a little b**ch and started crying. It was so what I'm not supposed to do."

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