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Katy Perry spins a good yarn before bedtime

Katy Perry eases herself into a good night's sleep with a bizarre bedtime hobby - knitting.

The I Kissed a Girl hitmaker is a huge fan of the quaint hobby, and regularly searches out wool in top department stores.

Now she reveals she has taken to indulging in her love of needlework before going to sleep rather than checking her smartphone for the latest celebrity news.

She tells U.K. chat show host Alan Carr, "I do a bit of crocheting now - I know, I'm the biggest nana on the block. So I time myself at night now, because it puts me in a relaxed state, instead of, you know, when we go to bed, most times the last thing we do is look at our phone right? And we fill our minds with like Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan twerking, and all of a sudden you go to bed and have all these dreams... so I thought maybe it'd be better for my subconscious and my dreaming just to like, do a bit of crocheting before I go to bed."

The star already has the perfect person to accept one of her handmade gifts - her sister's baby. She adds, "I also have a little niece on her way, so I'm going to knit, like, a little baby blanket."

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