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Katy Perry emotional over Chinese orchestra performance

Pop star Katy Perry has been moved to tears by an orchestral performance of her hit song Roar during a visit to China.

The singer was the guest of honor at a special show by the China National Orchestra in Beijing on Sunday (12Jan14), when just under 100 musicians took to the stage for a unique rendition of the chart smash - using traditional Chinese instruments.

Orchestra director Xi Qiang explains, "Katy Perry is a successful pop singer; our traditional music boasts a long history. This piece showcased the inclusiveness of our music traditions. We want to bring music to more people, both at home and abroad."

Cameras from local news network CCTV caught Perry wiping away tears as she listened to the reworked piece and after the set, she said, "Overwhelming! (It was) very emotional for me and made me cry. It made me really understand my love for music in its purist form.... (It was) so moving!"

She also expressed her thanks to the orchestra by presenting a guitar from her personal collection to the musicians, who gifted Perry with an ancient Chinese vessel flute called a Xun to the star in exchange.

Perry made her first trip to China to headline the 2014 Infiniti China Brand Festival on Saturday (11Jan14). She also took some time out of her work schedule to visit the Great Wall of China on Sunday, where she was photographed striking a pose, doing the splits.

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