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Kanye West given permission to sue man who leaked proposal footage

An appellate panel in California has given Kanye West permission to sue the former YouTube executive who leaked footage of his proposal to Kim Kardashian.

The rapper and his now-wife sued YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley after discovering he leaked video of West's surprise 2013 marriage proposal at San Francisco's AT&T Park, despite signing a confidentiality agreement.

Hurley, who was in attendance, posted footage to his then-new video sharing website MixBit.

The CEO's lawyers argued that their client's actions weren't a violation of the agreement, but West and Kardashian argued they only allowed him to stay for the proposal after he signed a non-disclosure agreement, and they photographed him holding the document.

Hurley's lawyers appealed the couple's lawsuit but the a panel of lawmakers at the 2nd District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles ultimately upheld the ruling on Wednesday (22Apr15), giving them the green light to press on with their legal action.

West and Kardashian are seeking unspecified damages.

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