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Justin Bieber's dreadlocks to benefit charity

Singer Justin Bieber wants to donate his head of hair to charity, according to his stylist.

Back in April (16), the Sorry hitmaker came under attack by some fans on social media who accused him of appropriating black culture for wearing dreadlocks, a style he has recently dropped in favor of a shaved head.

But Justin's dreads will not be going to waste - his hairdresser, Florido, explains the pop star's beauty team are considering donating the locks to an aid organization.

"We still have the dreads though, now we might try to slang them for a charity," Florido tells Cosmopolitan.com.

The hairstylist loves working with Justin because he never knows what to expect from the musician when he sits in the barber chair.

"He's always very adamant about doing things differently than what everyone else is doing," Florido notes. "What's great with him is that he is on the fly with his style. He usually says what he wants and then it evolves into different phases."

However, it seems Justin is happy with his buzzcut for the time being.

"He's into it too - he looks like a young Brad Pitt," Florido smiles. "It's always shocking to come from long hair to short hair, right? But as soon as he walked into the hallway from the dressing room (after shaving off his dreads), everyone was going off about how cool it (his buzzcut) looked, because no one had ever seen him like that except for when he was a little kid."

In response to critics of his former dreadlocks, Justin posted a video clip on Instagram two months ago (Apr16) explaining his decision to wear the hairstyle had nothing to do with anything cultural whatsoever - he just wanted to rock something different.

"Being weird is fun," he captioned the video. "If you are not weird, I don't like you."

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