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Julie Bowen: 'My TV daughter is awesome after messy split'

Modern Family star Julie Bowen has heaped praise on her TV daughter for the way she's handling the drama surrounding an allegedly abusive ex.

Sarah Hyland was granted a temporary restraining order against Matthew Prokop after claiming he threatened her life and terrorized her verbally and physically during the last four years of their relationship.

In court documents, Hyland reveals her TV mom Julie Bowen helped her end the relationship in May (14) after Prokop, who briefly appeared on the show, pinned the actress against a car during an argument about her outfit, grabbed her throat and spat four-letter expletives at her.

Bowen reportedly agreed to pay a visit to her TV daughter's home to help her "peacefully end the relationship" and urged Hyland to leave as Prokop allegedly lost his cool.

Now Bowen has opened up about the drama, revealing she was more than happy to come to her co-star's aid, stating, "The reality is I’m just nosey. I stick my nose in anything and everything. I love my kids, my fake kids and my real kids, so if anyone needs help I’m a soft touch."

And the actress admits Hyland is in a much better place now the drama is behind her and Prokop has been ordered to stay away.

Bowen tells Us Weekly, "Oh my God, Sarah is so great. She’s an angel. Just love her. I love her.

"I personally made a million dating mistakes when I was young... but I made them when I was young, didn't get married, didn't have babies, and moved on. I think that’s the time to make them.

"Your twenties are for really just effing (screwing) up... and Sarah is not even 25; she’s already way ahead of where I ever was, so she’s in great shape... You can rebound and do great and I did, and she's awesome and I'm awesome."

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