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John Legend dismisses Jay Z and Beyonce split rumours

Singer John Legend has dismissed rumours his friend Jay Z is heading towards a split from wife Beyonce.

The showbiz supercouple has been under the spotlight in recent weeks amid reports their marriage is in trouble, but Legend, who has worked with the rapper on a number of tracks, is adamant his pal is not worried about the false gossip.

Legend tells Jo Parkerson of British radio station Magic FM, "I think all of us (friends) are aware of what people are saying and we probably care a little bit but we also know they don't know everything that's happening. And so when you hear all this speculation about Jay and Beyonce getting divorced... If you're Jay, you know the truth.

"You can only let the rumours affect you so much... He knows the truth and he's pretty mellow as well. He's cool and collected and he knows how to take it all in his stride."

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