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Jessica Biel: 'I am constantly dirty'

Actress Jessica Biel has been forced to rethink her wardrobe because she's constantly covered in filth now she's a mom.

The 34-year-old star and her musician husband Justin Timberlake welcomed their son Silas last year (Apr15), and mommy duty is proving to be a little too messy for couture gowns these days.

“I have always been more of a casual dresser in general, but definitely (since) becoming a mom, I just find myself constantly dirty,” she explains to People. “I put on a nice outfit and two seconds later I’ve got tiny spaghetti-hand marks all over (it), and I end up ruining things all the time."

Although her outfits are definitely more casual these days, Jessica is discovering new ways to look chic while she's out and about with baby Silas.

“It’s been this interesting evolution of, ‘OK, what can I find that’s going to be durable that I can wear and maybe throw a heel on if I need to do a quick transition from day to night, and that I’m not gonna spend a bazillion dollars on and then it gets ruined?’" she details.

"I pick things that I don’t wear when my kid’s awake or (I’m) anywhere near him because I’m terrified,” she adds with a laugh. “It’s literally all for practicality and ease of lifestyle.”

Jessica hosted a Levi's Jeans back to school party at Au Fudge, her restaurant in West Hollywood, on Wednesday (17Aug16), and she is positive Silas will come to respect denim one day as much as his parents do.

“It’s (denim) casual and comfortable and easy to wear,” she told Women's Wear Daily. “And I think that’s important. That’s important for my kid. I know some people feel differently. But my kid needs to be comfortable and able to rip holes in it, throw it in the mud and it needs to bounce back like new.”

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