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Jamie Lynn Sigler struggled through early pregnancy

Pregnant actress Jamie Lynn Sigler was hit so hard with morning sickness the only thing she could face eating was bagels.

The former The Sopranos star is expecting her first child, a son, in August (13), and she admits her first three months were tough.

She tells People.com, "I got hit pretty hard. It’s just what everyone said. It’s the first three months. Some people aren’t as lucky and have it their whole pregnancy, but it was really hard. I couldn’t stay up past 7.30 at night. I was nauseous from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed.

"I survived on bagels. It was all I could do. It was rough. You start to feel like you’re never going to feel better ever again."

However, Sigler admits she is now enjoying her pregnancy, and her new look.

She adds, "(I can't believe) how big my boobs have gotten! I can’t handle how much weight I have in the front area. That surprised me the most for sure."

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