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James Van Der Beek begs fans to stay away from Dawson's Creek home

James Van Der Beek is urging fans to stay away from the North Carolina property which doubled as his character's home in hit TV show Dawson'S Creek, insisting the owners don't deserve to have tourists "creeping on their lawn".

Devotees from around the world have travelled to the port city of Wilmington to see where the popular drama was shot, and Van Der Beek reveals they still flock to the home where Dawson Leery lived.

But now the actor has taken to his Twitter.com page to ask fans to respect the privacy of the family living there by keeping their distance.

In a series of posts, he writes, "Any fans traveling to NC to see 'Dawson's house': First off - bless you. Second - please don't do it. It's not a set. It's someone's home... The people who live in that house were nice enough to put up with us for 6 years, let's not punish them for it by creeping on their lawn.

"I understand the curiosity, but you can take a tour at the studio there (in Wilmington), and see a ton of locations downtown where we shot. Be kind."

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