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J-Lo fell sick with exhaustion after end of long tour

Jennifer Lopez was struck down by exhaustion as soon as she wrapped her joint tour with Enrique Iglesias after relying on adrenaline to pull her through her hectic schedule.

The superstar admits she got little rest in between completing her solo tour of South America earlier this summer (12) and kicking off her North American trek with Iglesias, and when the shows finally ended this month (Sep12), her energy levels completely crashed.

During an appearance on Katie, which aired on Friday (14Sep12), she said, "We did our last two shows in Miami and I was like, 'Wow, this feels really good. I feel really good!' (But) when I got home, I got so sick, I was down for the count, antibiotics, the whole thing.

"I think I was just going on adrenaline (while on tour) and you're enjoying it, and, for me, it was the first time I was like really presenting my music to my fans and putting together a show that I was really proud of.

"It was great for me, I didn't feel tired, I didn't feel anything, but the minute I stopped, (I was) tired!"

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