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Gina Rodriguez breaks down during TV interview

Actress Gina Rodriguez fought back tears during a TV interview as she paid tribute to her great-grandmother, who recently died at the age of 102.

The Jane the Virgin star, 30, struggled to keep her emotions under control as she discussed the lasting influence of her late relative on the other women in her family in a taped chat with breakfast show Today, which aired on Thursday (30Apr15).

Brushing away tears, Rodriguez admitted she was still coming to terms with the loss, but she's happy her great-grandmother lived a good life.

She said, "It's OK because, God, I hope I can live until 102, so it's great that she did that."

She added, "She was so important to my grandmother, who's so important to my mother, who's so important to me, and it's just that domino affect of creating strong women in our lives."

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