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Fan interrupted Lance Bass' proposal

Lance Bass proposed to now-husband Michael Turchin twice because a fan interrupted him the first time he tried to pop the question.

The former 'N Sync star asked his longtime boyfriend to marry him while they were on vacation in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2013, but when Bass got down on one knee, the scene didn't play out the way he imagined.

Recalling the story to newswoman Meredith Vieira on her talk show on Thursday (05Feb15), Turchin explain that as Bass was about to propose, a fan came up and said, "Are you Lance Bass? If so, I have a story for you."

Bass politely took a picture with the supporter, and Turchin still agreed to marry him.

To make it official, Bass proposed to Turchin again a year later (14) to make sure he still wanted to go through with the marriage.

The couple tied the knot in December (14).

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