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Entourage movie to start production in January, according to Kevin Connolly

Production on the Entourage movie is set to begin in January (14), according to Kevin Connolly.

Executive producer Mark Wahlberg recently revealed the film was on hold because some cast members were asking for too much money.

He told TMZ.com, "As soon as them (sic) guys stop being so greedy... It's the most I've ever been asked for a movie."

However, Connolly has revealed everyone is on board and ready to start filming.

He tells TMZ.com, "It's gonna happen... it's a complicated thing, but I'm in... everything is fine... everyone is in line, it's gonna (sic) be good, January we're gonna (sic) do it, not official, but it will be."

The TV drama featured Adrian Grenier, Connolly, Eric 'E' Murphy, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara and wrapped it's final season on the HBO network in 2011.

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