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Entourage movie bosses hit with legal action from real Vincent Chase

A Hollywood acting coach who shares the same name as Adrian Grenier's Entourage character has fired off a cease and desist notice to movie executives behind the planned film adaptation of the TV series, amid allegations he is the inspiration for the drama.

Vincent Chase claims he met with Entourage's executive producer Mark Wahlberg in the late 1990s, years before his name was reportedly used as the moniker for the TV show's lead character.

After a series of delays, the Warner Bros. film project is due to begin shooting in January (14), but that date may now be in jeopardy after the real-life Chase issued a legal notice to prevent his name being uttered onscreen without authorisation, according to TMZ.com.

In the letter, Chase claims he complained to TV bosses about his unwanted association with Entourage for years and now he is finally taking action, insisting film chiefs cannot use his name without his "express permission".

Grenier starred alongside Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Piven, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillon on Entourage, which wrapped its final season on America's HBO network in 2011.

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