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Emma Stone faces her fears on movie sets

Emma Stone constantly battles potential anxiety and panic attack triggers as an actress.

A painfully shy kid, the La La Land star admits she's often close to breakdowns on movie sets, because she has to do things that terrify her.

Even something as simple as being lifted in the air isn't easy for Emma, because she broke both arms falling off a balance beam when she was seven.

She's currently facing her fear of horseback riding for her upcoming role in Yorgos Lanthimos' period drama The Favorite.

"I got knocked off a horse as a kid and haven't got back on since," she tells The Hollywood Reporter.

But filming Birdman at a frantic pace in 2014 was the last time she suffered a panic attack on a movie set, telling the publication, "The tightrope walk of that movie, the pacing and timing - I lost my mind a bit. I just got to a point where I snapped."

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