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Drake was terrified during Punk'd prank

Rapper Drake so scared by an earthquake simulation stunt on prank show Punk'd that he jumped into his friend's lap.

The Started From The Bottom star was the celebrity victim on the show in 2012, and he was fooled into believing he was being picked up by the Secret Service to meet with a politician but he soon encounters a faked earthquake in the parking garage.

Drake did not stay calm in the situation and jumped into the foetal position into his friend's lap, but the footage was cut out of the finished episode, according to the show's host, producer and creator Ashton Kutcher.

"We punk'd Drake and we created an earthquake inside of a parking garage," he recalls to host James Corden. "A lot of people didn't see it but we legitimately turned a whole parking garage into an earthquake zone.

"He was in a car and we starting rattling the car and the whole garage and he jumped in his buddy's lap and he is like, literally he foetalled (sic) up. He like Canadian foetalled (sic) up in his buddy's lap. I was like 'yo, Drake just foetalled (sic) up' and then we had to cut that out."

During the interview, on Wednesday night's (30Mar16) The Late Late Show with James Corden, Ashton also reveals one time he scared a "hard" hip-hop artist, who he wouldn't name, on the show by stopping his private jet on the runway and bringing in a man to check for any suspicious contents on the plane.

The celebrity got off the airplane and bolted down the tarmac, according to Ashton, who adds, "I had to run after him for like two miles because he was just gone... I'm like 'Dude, it's a joke! It's a joke!'... I literally ran after this guy for like two miles to calm him down. He's like, 'That ain't even funny.'"

Punk'd originally ran from 2003 and 2007 with shortlived revivals in 2012 and 2015.

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