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Demi Lovato wows fans with sexy bedroom photos

Demi Lovato has given ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama a glimpse of what he's missing by posting a series of naked photos online to promote her new single Body Say.

The artistic black and white shots appeared on her Instagram account just after midnight on Thursday (30Jun16) as the Cool For the Summer singer released her new song.

She posted lyrics from the sexy track as captions for the shots, writing in one: "If I had it my way I would take you down", and in another, "And if my body had a say I would come again."

The song was inspired by newly-single Demi's post-split life - she revealed she wrote Body Say recently.

"I wrote and recorded #BodySay a couple weeks ago and wanted you guys to hear it right away..." she wrote in a late night tweet on Thursday (30Jun16). "whats the point in waiting anymore."

The posted images all appear to be outtakes from a bedroom session Demi posed for for the cover of her new single, which features a rear shot of her sitting on the edge of a bed, naked, with a stray black bra beside her.

Body Say is now streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play.

Demi's sexy Instagram posts in the early hours of Friday (01Jul16) come two weeks after the singer briefly quit social media following a spat with Mariah Carey's fans over comments she made about the diva.

The Stone Cold singer courted controversy online when she criticized Mariah for "dissing people", and fans of the pop superstar immediately took aim at Demi's Twitter and Instagram accounts, with some users calling her a "b**ch" and a "jealous h**".

On 20 June (16), Demi responded to her haters, by tweeting, "Damn I gotta quit sayin s**t," and added, "Bye Twitter And insta... why do people actually give a f**k what I say?"

Demi returned to social media two days later.

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