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Columbus Short vows to cut back on drinking

Troubled TV star Columbus Short has vowed to cut back his alcohol intake, according to areport.

Editors at TMZ.com claim Short met with money manager Ed Butowsky on Wednesday (09Jul14), with Butowsky telling the website Short admits he needs help following a string of run-ins with police.

The website claims the actor's drinking was discussed at length, although the former Scandal star allegedly insists he is not an alcoholic and refuses to join a rehabilitation program.

However, Short did reportedly admit to getting drunk too often, and he has promised to drastically curtail his alcohol consumption.

Butowsky tells the website he has encouraged Short to work with charities to "make his soul feel good" and has suggested the actor moves to Dallas, Texas to get away from his life in Los Angeles.

Short has been embroiled in several controversies this year (14), including getting caught up in a bar brawl in Los Angeles and being held twice by police over domestic incidents.

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