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Colbie Caillat hoping to elope

Singer Colbie Caillat and her fiance are eager to elope to avoid the stress of planning a wedding.

The Try star became engaged to her band member boyfriend Justin Young on her 30th birthday in May, 2015, but they have not started organising their big day because they would rather sneak off and have a "simple" celebration.

Asked how the wedding planning is going, the bride-to-be tells Entertainment Tonight, "We aren't planning, actually."

Colbie admits she and Justin are "super introverts" who feel like staging a ceremony is the same as having to put on another show.

"We actually don't want to have a ceremony where we're saying stuff in front of people," she confesses in a Facebook Live chat. "It was stressing us out feeling like we had to do another show, another set time, 'cause that's what every day is. So, we want to do something simple. We might just go randomly do it somewhere on a getaway trip."

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