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Ciara accidentally kicks fan in the face

R&B star Ciara was a little too enthusiastic when she brought a fan to the stage during her gig on Wednesday (13May15) - she accidentally kicked him in the face.

The Goodies hitmaker took her tour to her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, and for one song, she invited a male fan to the stage so she could give him a sensual lap dance.

However, in video footage posted by fans on social media, she is seen attempting to do a backflip onto the gentleman's lap to straddle him, but instead strikes him in the face with her boot.

The singer carried on with the show without mentioning the incident, and later took to Twitter.com to share her thanks for the fans' warm welcome, but still didn't acknowledge the accident.

She wrote, "A T L... There's No Place Like H O M E. The Love Was So Special and Unreal Tonight! SoldOut!"

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