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Chrissy Teigen bans bullying on her Instagram account

Chrissy Teigen doesn't want her Instagram account to become a "cesspool for negativity".

The model and TV host is known for her outspoken nature and has taken to sharing her thoughts on social media, especially the picture-sharing app. Her uploads haven't been without trouble though as Chrissy often finds herself the victim of nasty comments from other users, leading her to request comments that include words such as "sl*t" and "w***e" be excluded.

"I think it's obvious why someone wouldn't personally want to see these words on their feed, but I'm also concerned about the overall negative environment created when the comment section becomes a battleground for people to bully each other," she sighed to Glamour.com, noting she knew what she signed up for and she's aware of the negativity that comes with such accounts. "I would rather my Instagram comment sections not be the cesspool for negativity. I mean sometimes it's just a picture of baklava."

Although she insists she can handle the harassment to a certain extent, the 30-year-old confesses that some days are harder than others.

She also admits to regretting some of the wording used in previous posts written in the heat of the moment, but hopes people who follow her will understand her point of view.

One person she's known to make comments about is politician Donald Trump, who is currently a candidate to become the next president. However, Chrissy, who is married to singer John Legend, reasons the controversial Republican brings the attention on himself as "the jokes write themselves".

"I don't even think of it to be trolling," she shrugged. "What he says is the joke. He makes himself look like an idiot every single day. His entire campaign is a self-troll. It's very meta.

"Interestingly enough, if you search Twitter, you'd see I have been saying (how I dislike him) for three-plus years now. I cannot believe we are now in this position."

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