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Chris Hemsworth rewards teen for returning wallet

Chris Hemsworth has generously rewarded a trustworthy teen who returned the actor's missing wallet.

Last week (ends16Apr16), the Thor star was running early to pick up his actress wife Elsa Pataky and their daughter from the Los Angeles airport, and to kill some time, he grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant in a "pretty rough area".

However, once he realized he accidentally left his billfold behind, he lost all hope he would ever see his precious belongings again, telling comedienne Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show on Monday (18Apr16), "I left my wallet on the table and I thought, 'I'm never going to get it back. I'm never going to see it again'. There was a (homeless) guy collecting cans in a trolley and I thought, 'Great! He can have it!'"

Chris continued, "Then my business manager contacts me and I get this letter from a young boy who said he found my wallet. He's a (boy) scout and he sent the wallet to me. And at the end of the letter it said, 'P.S. Mom saw you were going to be on Ellen this week and asked if we could have some tickets'."

Chris happily obliged, and Tristan, which is also the name of the actor's son, was asked to join the star on stage.

Recalling the event, Tristan said, "When I found out it was yours I looked up at my mom and said, 'Mom, do you know who this is? We found Thor's wallet!' We were speechless. We didn't know what to do."

Chris added he was surprised to receive his wallet with cash and credit cards untouched, and he surprised the trustworthy teen with a hefty bounty.

The actor said, "I expected it was going to be all gone, but all the cash was in there, so I want to give you the cash," before handing Tristan a large wad of money from his wallet."

Also in his note, Tristan asked Chris to write him a letter of commendation as he is currently in the process of earning the rank of Eagle Scout, which is the highest achievement attainable in the Boy Scouting program.

Not only did Chris write the letter, but Ellen also added on to Tristan's reward by handing him a check for $10,000 after learning his parents had been struggling to come up with funds for his college education.

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