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Carrie Underwood spends spooky birthday hunting ghosts

Country star Carrie Underwood celebrated a spooky birthday on Thursday (10Mar16) by going on a ghost hunt.

The Before He Cheats star rang in her 33rd birthday in Scotland, as she is due to bring her Storyteller tour to Glasgow on Friday (11Mar16).

But before hitting the stage, Carrie decided to use her day off searching for spirits in an undisclosed location.

Taking to Instagram, Carrie posting photos of herself wearing a shirt that reads, "I ain't afraid of no ghost". She also donned night-vision goggles and a head lamp as she stood next to an object with a white cloth over it and a face drawn onto it to look like a ghost.

She added the caption, "Birthday shirt. Going ghost hunting in Scotland! #iaintafraidofnoghost #scary."

Carrie has previously shared her love for the supernatural, as she's a die-hard fan of zombie television series The Walking Dead.

Last month (Feb16), she spent her Valentine's Day as a guest on The Talking Dead, a chat show aired after the series, to discuss the episode and analyze the hit program.

During the appearance, she insisted she would survive a zombie apocalypse, saying, "I know what you’re thinking, but I was born to survive the zombie apocalypse. My husband bought me this zombie-survival kit for Christmas. I have a machete, I know how to use it. My songs are quite aggressive at times. I’m not afraid. I would know what to do. I was born for this."

She later tweeted a photo of herself along with the other guests on The Talking Dead, writing, "Best. Valentine's Day. Ever!"

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