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Bruno Mars retires signature hairstyle

R&B singer Bruno Mars has retired his signature pompadour hairstyle to shave time off his morning routine.

The Just The Way You Are hitmaker first began rocking the 1950s look made famous by Elvis Presley when he was only four, and over the past few years it's experienced a major mainstream resurgence thanks to Mars.

Last month (Dec12) the crooner shocked fans by appearing on breakfast show Today with a curly afro, and the Hawaiian admits he's now ditched his iconic hair-do for something more low-maintenance.

He tells InStyle magazine, "It was becoming too much. I've seen everybody wearing it, so I retired it. Now I wake up, shower, and leave my hair as is. Curly hair is a pain. That's why I wear so many hats."

The 27 year old also reveals he frequently wears hats to add height to his small stature, adding, "I'm a short guy, so... I've always done the hat thing, but now I'm doing ones with bigger brims."

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