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Bruce Jenner hit with wrongful death lawsuit over car crash

Retired Olympian Bruce Jenner has been named in a wrongful death lawsuit linked to his involvement in a fatal car crash in February (15).

Kim Kardashian's stepfather was one of four drivers caught up in the Pacific Coast Highway pile-up in Malibu, California on 7 February (15) when his Escalade rear-ended a Lexus, which had crashed in front of him.

Reports suggest the collision pushed the Lexus into oncoming traffic, costing the female driver, 69-year-old Kim Howe, her life, and now her two stepchildren have filed a wrongful death suit against Jenner.

Howe has no immediate family members since her husband died in 2003, but under California law, her two adult stepkids are entitled to file the suit, despite the fact they were estranged from the deceased at the time of her death.

Sources tell TMZ.com that Howe, who was a neighbor of the Kardashians in Calabasas, California, has a trust worth millions in assets, most of which will be donated to her favorite charities.

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