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Ashley Jensen loves her stage return

Scottish actress Ashley Jensen is finding her current run in London's West End "exhilarating", because the world of theater is steeped in history.

The Ugly Betty star has made her first return to the stage in 11 years in new comedy A Chorus Of Disapproval, which will run in the British capital for four months.

Jensen admits she's loving being back in the U.K. and working on the stage - because it's the only part of modern life that stays the same.

She tells the London Evening Standard, "I've not done theater for 11 years so it's very exciting for me to be doing something archetypally British.

"What an old-fashioned medium this is. In a world of iPads and emails, nothing has really changed in the theater. You still get in an hour early, do your wardrobe, put an old pair of tights under your wig and you have 'This is your call, Miss Jensen'. I got exhilarated by that."

Jensen also confessed one of the reasons she signed up for the production is so her Los Angeles-based son, Francis, three, could see his parents' homeland in the winter.

She adds, "I missed Britain. I'm from here and I never aspired to go to L.A. - it sort of happened by default. I loved being there. I found it a little bit difficult at first but I found my way. I've got a wee (sic) boy now and we thought we'd come back and let him see a British winter."

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