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Ariel Winter: 'Sofia Vergara helped me accept my curves'

Sofia Vergara helped Ariel Winter accept herself as a beautiful, curvy woman.

The pair star together in hit TV show Modern Family, in which Sofia frequently shows off her feminine physique in skimpy ensembles as her character Gloria.

Watching Sofia in action and getting to know the actress off set has helped 18-year-old Ariel, who underwent breast reduction surgery in June 2015, come to terms and feel confident in her appearance.

"I really had the greatest opportunity to have some wonderful role models, especially Sofia Vergara," Ariel told Entertainment Tonight. "Working with a curvy beautiful woman that everybody looked up to and loved the way she looked… that was my inspiration to move forward and accept myself because that's what matters."

The 44-year-old has spoken at length in the past about how her Colombian roots have had an impact on her confidence.

“I was born in my little push-up bra," Sofia told British newspaper The Independent. “For me sexy is something that I never really thought about until I moved to the United States, because in Latin America, everybody goes to the beach with a G-string and you are always in high heels and make-up. It’s just our day-to-day thing.”

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