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Alyssa Milano reconsidering plans for baby number three

Actress Alyssa Milano is rethinking plans to add a third child to her brood amid fears she will encounter health complications as a pregnant woman in her 40s.

The former Charmed star is mother to four-year-old son Milo and daughter Elizabella, who turns one on Friday (04Sep15), and although she would love to expand her family with husband David Bugliari once more, she worries she may be getting too old.

She tells People.com, "I want another one, but I'm 42 so it's like, 'Why push my luck? I have two healthy children and I had them both later in my life'."

However, Milano isn't completely ruling out the idea of becoming a mom again. She adds, "Maybe I adopt in six years!"

The actress wed talent agent Bugliari in 2009.

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