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Adele reveals tour's wheelie big secret

Adele is wheeled from stage to stage during gigs on her current world tour.

The British soul superstar's shows require her to move from a stage at one end of an arena to another, in its centre.

Fans attending the gigs have been left wondering how she appears in another part of venues as if by magic, but have speculated large wheelie storage cases pushed around arenas during her concerts are behind the feat.

Now the Hello singer has confirmed her secret mode of travel, telling fans at a recent gig, "Use your imagination to work out how I get from this stage to that stage. It's not particularly glamorous."

According to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper after appearing on one stage, the singer has to duck down and hide in one of the boxes while they are pulled by stage hands through an unsuspecting audience.

Gigs on Adele's tour, Adele Live 2016, have seen a number of touching incidents where the star has treated her fans to more than just her repertoire of hits.

She has already helped couples seal their engagement while attending her shows, twerked on stage and vowed to help those who in their desperation to see her were overcharged for tickets by touts.

However her concert in Glasgow, Scotland on Friday (25Mar16) was marred after a fan was hospitalised after being struck by a chain used as part of the production.

The U.K. leg of Adele's tour ends in London on 5 April (16), after which she will head off around Europe and North America, before ending her round the world trip in Mexico in November (16).

She will return briefly to her homeland in June (16) to play a headline slot at the legendary Glastonbury music festival, held at Worthy Farm, England.

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