Ben McKenzie on "Gotham" & the Batman Universe Origin Story

"Gotham" star Ben McKenzie pays a visit to the YH Studio to chat with us about his role as the iconic Gotham City commissioner-to-be, James Gordon, in Fox's Batman universe origin story series! He even shows off a battle wound from the show, plus he explains why he decided to ditch Gordon's equally-iconic mustache! We also quiz him to see how much he remembers from his foreign relations and economics studies in college!

"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Star Chloe Bennet's Dream Marvel Crossover

The lovely Chloe Bennet returns to the YH Studio to catch us up on all the Marvel-ous adventures she is having as a star on ABC's superhero series "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.".

Scott Michael Foster on Playing 'Frozen' Character in "Once Upon a Time"

The YH Studio welcomes actor Scott Michael Foster to tell us all about his high-anticipated appearance on ABC's "Once Upon a Time" bringing the character of Kristoff from Disney's 'Frozen' to life.

Bethany Hamilton on "The Amazing Race" & Tips for Healthy Living

The soul surfer herself, Bethany Hamilton, pays a visit to the YH Studio to tell us all about her experience participating on the hit reality competition series "The Amazing Race" with her hubby Adam.

Matt McGorry on Juggling "Orange Is The New Black" & "How To Get Away With Murder"

"Orange Is The New Black" star Matt McGorry pays a visit to the YH Studio to talk about the amazing fan reaction to his character and his other TV project, ABC's "How To Get Away With Murder".

'The Maze Runner' Cast on Pink Party Buses & Greenie Moments

'The Maze Runner' stars Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Kaya Scodelario, and Ki Hong Lee all gather into the YH Studio for their first-ever interview all together.

'The Maze Runner' Stars Dylan O'Brien & Will Poulter on Bromances & Polite Fighting

The YH Studio welcomes 'The Maze Runner' stars Dylan O'Brien and Will Poulter, who chill out on our couch and tell us all about their bromance, fight scenes, and life codes.

Kendall Schmidt on Heffron Drive, First Dates, and Jared Leto

"Big Time Rush" alum Kendall Schmidt makes his first solo trip to the YH Studio to scoop us on his much-anticipated post-BTR musical project, Heffron Drive.

Alexa Vega & Italia Ricci on "Nashville", "Chasing Life", and 'The Remaining'

Alexa Vega and Italia Ricci team up for the apocalyptic thriller 'The Remaining', and they pay a visit to the YH Studio to tell us all about this Biblically accurate account of the Rapture.