Rob Corddry on Working (Alone) on Animated Films

The super funny Rob Corddry pays a visit to the Studio to chat about his animated film 'Escape From Planet Earth' and the unique circumstances of trying to play a character without an acting partner! He also reveals his thoughts on aliens, what actor he'd like to be stranded on a desert island with, and why he couldn't bring himself to make fun of the Super Bowl halftime show! Hosted by Nikki Novak (@nikkinovak).

David Duchovny on Working with Marilyn Manson on "Californication"

Actor David Duchovny stops by the YH Studio to dish on his intense submarine caper 'Phantom' as well as his co-stars Ed Harris and Marilyn Manson, and see what results when we put a guitar in his hands!

"Archer" Star Chris Parnell Captures Our Likeness

The YH Studio welcomes "Saturday Night Live" veteran and "Archer" star Chris Parnell, whom we challenge to draw our host in the likeness of an "Archer" character!

"Enlightened" Star Dermot Mulroney's Many 'jOBS'

Actor Dermot Mulroney stops by the YH Studio to "Enlighten" us about the Steve Jobs biopic, 'jOBS' and reveal some exciting news about his popular "New Girl" character!

Jessica Lucas Shines in The CW's "Cult"

Jessica Lucas pays a visit to the YH Studio to give us all the deets on her CW show, "Cult", some secrets about her co-star Matt Davis, and her gory role in Sam Raimi's 'Evil Dead'!

Doing Yoga with Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho returns to the YH Studio to show off some killer yoga moves and talk about the hot metal-on-metal action in his SyFy show, "Robot Combat League"!

"1600 Penn" Stars Test Their Presidential Knowledge

The hilarious stars of "1600 Penn", Jenna Elfman and Josh Gad, venture to the YH studio to play a game of "Hail to Which Chief?" and dish on their visit to the real White House!

Arizona Cardinals' Kerry Rhodes Accepts Our Challenge

The YH Studio welcomes arguably the most stylish player in the NFL, Arizona Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes, whom we challenge to a couple rounds of Hot Hands, Thumb War, and Arm Wrestling!

Matt Davis on "Cult", Guyliner, & Alter Egos

Actor Matt Davis stops by the YH Studio to give us the scoop on his follow up to "Vampire Diaries", the The CW thriller "Cult", and all things of cult status!