Would Stars of Disney's Upside-Down Magic Be Friends with Their Characters IRL?

Move over, Hogwarts, there is a new wizarding school in town! At the Sage Academy for Magical Studies, there is, shall we say, a class for more remedial magical students called "Upside-Down Magic", which is also the title of this whimsical and soon-to-be classic Disney Channel Original Movie! Young Hollywood catches up with the stars of the DCOM over Zoom, Izabela Rose and Siena Agudong, who play BFFs Nory and Reina, respectively, to find out more about this project and their reactions to learning that they booked their roles! The also reveal why they think they would definitely be friends with their characters in real-life, plus they tell us what superpowers they have always wanted to possess IRL and we play a game of "Who Is Who" to find out which one of them would use their magical powers more, who texts the other the most, and more! 'Upside-Down Magic' is coming to Disney Channel July 31!

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July 28, 2020 | by Young Hollywood