Wild Game's Matthew Daddario & Charlie Barnett on Doing Their Own Stunts

Sometimes acting is hard work, sometimes acting is like a mini-vacation, and sometimes acting is an opportunity to explore different ways of life. Sometimes, it's all of the above! That was the experience for actors Matthew Daddario and Charlie Barnett during filming for their western drama 'Wild Game', shot on location in beautiful Wyoming! Young Hollywood catches up with Matthew and Charlie via Zoom to find out about how they did their own stunts, what they did in their downtime between scenes, and how they walked the walk by working on a ranch! We also play a game of "What Would You Do" to discover what they would do if they had no access to their phones for a whole day, what they would do for a career if they hadn't become actors, and more! 'Wild Game' is now available on digital & VOD!

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January 05, 2022 | by Young Hollywood