Wednesday's Xavier Thorpe Shows Off His Drawing Skills

The students of Nevermore Academy, from Tim Burton's Netflix series "Wednesday", have to go through quite a rigorous curriculum in order to be the spookiest and ookiest that they can be, and, as it turns out, the young actors who play those students had to endure quite a bit of training themselves in order to pull it off on-screen! In the case of Percy Hynes White, in addition to learning how to row, fence, dance, and more, his prep also included drawing lessons in order to portray Xavier Thorpe, who possesses the power to bring his sketches to life! To that end, Young Hollywood sits down with Percy in Santa Monica, California (a long way from Romania, where the series was filmed) to put his own drawing skills to the test with a little Sketch Game! See his interpretations of the Monster, the Nevermore uniform, a tattoo for co-star Jenna Ortega, and more! "Wednesday" is now streaming on Netflix.

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December 05, 2022 | by Young Hollywood