Wednesday's Bianca Plays Would You Rather

We're all buzzing about Wednesday, but today is all about Sunday -- Joy Sunday, that is! The actress portrays the queen of the sirens clique at Nevermore Academy, Bianca Barclay, in Netflix's hit series "Wednesday" who turns out to have a lot more going on in her life than we initially thought! Young Hollywood catches up with Joy via Zoom to find out more about her experience before, during, and after filming this show, including how she found out she got the role, her reaction to its insane success, and her favorite activities that she had to train for! She also reveals the ways in which she relates to Bianca in real life, plus we play a game of "Would You Rather" to find out if Joy prefers Enid or Wednesday's style, which co-star she'd rather be stuck on a deserted island with, whether she'd attend or teach at Nevermore irl, and more! "Wednesday" is now streaming on Netflix.

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December 12, 2022 | by Young Hollywood