Too Hot To Handle's Emily Miller & Cam Holmes Take The Couples Challenge

As much as we all love reality dating competition shows, everlasting love between couples who get together on the show isn't as common as we would like. So when two of the five British contestants on Season 2 of Netflix's "Too Hot To Handle", Emily Miller and Cam Holmes, hooked up from the very beginning, we rooted for them all the way through and continue to swoon over this too-perfect couple as they take their relationship to the next level post-show! Young Hollywood catches up with Emily and Cam via Zoom where they are now living cozily together in the U.K. to get to know more about them and their relationship with a little Couples Challenge! Find out who Emily turns to for relationship advice, who Cam would have eliminated from the show at the start, the first thing they ever said to each other, and much more! Plus, hear their thoughts on future marriage and kids!

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September 02, 2021 | by Young Hollywood